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ATV & UTV Services in Marietta, OH

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The last thing you want to think about when riding an ATV or UTV is whether or not every part is in good, working condition or not. Improperly installed parts, damaged pieces, and malfunctioning mechanics are not only an inconvenient hassle – they can also be dangerous. We care about the safety of our customers, so we are dedicated to providing the products and services necessary to ensure the total and reliable function of your all-terrain or utility task/terrain vehicle. Contact us today at (740) 376-9977, or stop by our location in Marietta, OH, to find out more about our dependable ATV & UTV services!

Driveline Coverage

When it comes to your ATV or UTV’s driveline, quality and proper installation are key. In order to keep your four-wheeler or other terrain vehicle functioning well, count on Marietta Joint & Clutch to provide you with driveline services that you can rely on.

Aftermarket U-Joints

If your ATV or UTV was purchased years ago, you may have trouble finding aftermarket parts for when it breaks down or needs things replaced. Luckily, Marietta Joint & Clutch offers aftermarket U-joints and more to keep your all-terrain vehicle in good working condition for years to come! Our installation and replacement services are unsurpassed, so count on us for all of your ATV/UTV U-joint needs!


When you are in need of custom driveshafts or driveshaft repair services for your ATV or UTV in Ohio or West Virginia, the experienced technicians at Marietta Joint & Clutch can provide you with what you need to get back on the trail. Our experience and dedication provide you with the extra assurance that your vehicle will always be in good hands when you rely on us!


By carrying only the top-quality brands, we are able to provide our customers with the most reliable axles and services for their ATVs and UTVs available. Without a properly installed and working axle, your all-terrain vehicle will not be able to function properly and could actually cause more damage if not repaired properly. Contact Marietta Joint & Clutch in Marietta, OH, for all of your ATV’s axle needs!