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Axles & Axle Services in Marietta, OH

Axle Services for Cars, Trucks, ATVs, & More

in Marietta, OH

The axle is arguably one of the most important aspects of a functioning vehicle. If an axle breaks or is damaged, it is unsafe to keep operating the automobile, as there will likely be little or no control over it. At Marietta Joint & Clutch in Marietta, OH, we provide customers with the best selection of axles for their cars, trucks, ATVs, and many other types of vehicles. Our auto repair and other services are reliable and performed by trained technicians, so contact us today at (740) 376-9977 if you are having issues with your axle or any other part of your vehicle

How to Measure an Axle

An axle is the rod that passes through the center of a group of wheels in a vehicle, and when it is time for replacement, it is important to know how to measure an axle. In order to accurately measure an axle, follow these steps:
  1. Elevate the end of the vehicle that you are measuring the axle from. This will provide you with the largest angle and distance your vehicle will need during operation.
  2. Once the vehicle is elevated and the old axle is removed, you must take the measurement from the face of the differential to the inner face of the wheel hub (pictured here).
  3. Once you have successfully measured the axle at full droop, you can lower the vehicle back to the ground to take measurements for the compressed level. Most vehicles run the same length on each side, but it can help to measure both sides in case yours is an exception. Measuring the compressed length of an axle can help your vehicle provide the best functionality at performance.

Axle & C.V. Joint Kits for Sale for Ohio & West Virginia Drivers

CV axles are axles with constant velocity joints. CV joints are used to transmit power at a constant rotational speed through a variable angle without a significant boost in friction. At Marietta Joint & Clutch, we provide drivers throughout southeast Ohio and northwest West Virginia with quality, reliable axles and other products to ensure their vehicles are functioning properly. Call today if you are in need of any of the following products:

Complete C.V. Axles: fully assembled outboard C.V. joint, heavy duty puncture-resistant boot, universal joint, and yoke assembly, OR a fully assembled inboard C.V. joint and heavy-duty puncture-resistant boot

C.V. Joint Kits (Outboard & Inboard): fully assembled c.v. joint, heavy duty puncture-resistant boot, clamps, grease, and necessary hardware

Universal Joints: select raw materials for increased static strength and longer life; precision ground trunnion and bearing surfaces insure trouble-free operation. Most u-joints have the convenience of a lube fitting in the bearing cup for easier lubrication after installation and during the re-lub cycle

C.V. Rebuild Kits (Inboard & Outboard): heavy duty puncture-resistant boot (made in USA), cage, inner race, ball bearings, clamps grease, necessary hardware, and step by step instructions

C.V. Half-Shafts: fully assembled outboard C.V. joint, heavy duty puncture-resistant boot, clamps, grease, and necessary hardware

C.V. Boot Kits (Inboard & Outboard): heavy duty puncture-resistant boot (made in USA), clamps, and grease