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Marietta Joint & Clutch Service in Marietta, Ohio

Quick & Reliable Repair & Installation

Services for Clutches & More

Marietta Joint & Clutch Service offers quick and reliable repair and installation services for clutches, driveshafts, U-joints, and more. Our certified technicians are able to provide dependable services for any clutch, for any vehicle, and manual transmissions. Working and well-maintained clutches allow your vehicle to run smoothly and safely. Our customers are assured of our exemplary services, knowing that only the most skilled professionals will be servicing their truck.

Importance of Working Clutches

Working clutches in good condition are important for any vehicle to run smoothly and seamlessly. Marietta Joint & Clutch has been providing the area with expert clutch installation and repair services for over 22 years, so you can be sure to get the best when it comes to quality and experience. For more information, call us today at 740-376-9977.

Problems with Faulty or Broken Clutches

If a clutch has a bad or overheated disc, a warped flywheel or pressure plate, or any other problem, it may cause the clutch to slip. If a clutch begins to shudder or grab, it may be due to the contamination or wear of the splines on a clutch disc, the clutch disc itself, or from a warped pressure plate, among other things. If the brake reservoir fluid drops too low, or the hose is leaking, or if the clutch master cylinder or release lever is broken or contaminated in some way, it will cause the clutch to fail. There are many more possibilities of faulty or broken clutch systems, but Marietta Joint & Clutch Service is able to determine and immediately repair the problem to get you back on the road or back in the fields as soon as possible.


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