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Over the course of our history, we’ve navigated through more than 115 years of vehicle evolution, persisted through industry turbulence, and taken the lead in transformative technological revolutions.
AAM can trace its history to the beginning of the 20th century and the infancy of the automotive industry. The foundation for what is now AAM was established in 1917 when General Motors Corporation built an aircraft parts manufacturing facility in Detroit, on the land where AAM’s World Headquarters and flagship North American facility now stands. Later, automotive parts were added to the product mix. By 1920, two additional plants had been built in Detroit to meet the increased demands of the burgeoning automotive industry. Two additional plants were constructed in Detroit in the ‘40s and ‘50s.
We’ve been at the forefront of innovation throughout our history, from the original Timken Detroit Axle to advanced technologies such as electrification. Explore the milestones that have made us a premier global supplier to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket for the transportation and industrial sectors.
Founded in 1921 as the New England Auto Products Corporation, the company has roots stretching back to the democratization of the automobile in the United States. In 1924, the Neapco name was formally adopted and the universal joint manufacturing facility was moved to Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Since then, the company has grown to over 3,200 employees at 11 locations around the world, marking its position of leadership in the global automotive supply industry.

We know clutches because it’s in our DNA. North American Clutch & Driveline, Inc. is a fourth-generation family-owned company that began as the dream of Kenneth Lemmons. His passion for never settling is what drives our innovation today.

NACD products are packed with innovation because our future thinking people know quality matters to you. Our state of the art facility in Machesney Park, Illinois is the hub where forward focused engineering meets meticulous production.