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Trucks, 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles, Street Rods & Drag Cars

Marietta Joint & Clutch Service in Ohio builds, repairs, and services driveshafts for semi trucks, regular trucks, 4-wheel drive vehicles, street rods, and drag cars. We also provide excellent clutch installation services, flywheel resurfacing, diesel upgrades, U-joint services, and much more. For over 25 years, Marietta Joint & Clutch has been providing the area with the most reliable and professional auto services available. For any service for race car driveshafts, tractor clutches, joint replacements, and everything in between, call 740-376-9977 today.

Driveshaft Services

Our skilled professionals know how to handle any driveshaft service, including removal, repairs, balancing services, and installations. Marietta Joint & Clutch Service offers driveshaft services for many vehicles, including trucks, agricultural vehicles, race cars, and many other automobiles, both foreign and domestic. We also sell custom driveshafts for guaranteed dependability! Certified technicians will take care of your needs from start to finish and ensure the durability and reliability of your driveshaft. For more information, visit our page on driveshafts.

Universal Joint Repair & Replacement & Other Services

Marietta Joint & Clutch Service offers exemplary repair and replacement services for any vehicle’s universal joint, including agricultural U-joints. We are able to provide stable, reliable, and durable U-joint services for any customer, regardless of the type of vehicle you own. We also provide diesel upgrades for the convenience of our customers. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, call 740-376-9977 or visit our contact page today!

Clutch Services for 4×4 Vehicles & Agricultural

For trucks, cars, and everything in between, Marietta Joint & Clutch Service on State Route 7 provides state of the art clutch installations and services. We work on truck clutches, and any other vehicle that requires clutch installation and other services. Our experienced technicians also assemble clutch kits for the convenience and assurance of our customers. To view a full list of services regarding clutches, take a look at our clutch services page.

We service ATV Drive Shafts

We service all type of ATV Axle shafts Drive Shafts and Universal Joints since 1993.

As every driver should know, maintaining your vehicle can ensure its prolonged functional lifespan and make driving a much more enjoyable experience. Remembering to schedule routine oil changes, making sure transmissions fluids are full, having your car or truck inspected, and other important maintenance operations can help your vehicle last longer with less cause for repair. Schedule a service with us today!